This is the latest updated version of Flash Funds tool


1) Flashes to all bank accounts in the World
2) Daily Unlimited Flashing
3) Flashes up to 100 billion per transaction
4) Stays in the account for 37 days
5) Reflects on both ledger and available balance
6) Anonymous IP embedded. No trace of any transaction.


Flash funds app is the best android application which makes it easy to send fake bank alert to about 20 different country in the world and retain the funds for a period of time before disappearance.

How does Flash funds Work?

For those of you who are new here, let’s quickly brief you everything you need to know about the Flash funds app.

What is flash funds and how does Flash funds pro works? Please read below….

With Flash Funds App, You can send Fake bank alert to the available countries and Any alert sent goes directly to your clients account and update their balance using the auto update balance system.

Let me explain more: Let assume You sent $100 to a client and his formal account balance was $150 as soon as your fake alert arrives, it topup their balance to $250 and this money remains in their balance for 14 days after which it disappears.

Is the Funds withdrawable?

NO! Payments made using flash funds app are only fake. They are meant for sending fake payments with proofs and can’t be withdrawn.

If You are looking for withdrawable flash funds app, this won’t serve your purpose. However, it’s still the best fake alert app online.

Is the Funds Transferable?

Only Funds Flashed To a USA Bank can be transferred out 7days after the fake alert was sent. Let’s assume you sent fake alert of $3K to a USA bank, this money can be transferred to another bank to remain permanent after 7days (Counting from the flash date).

Other countries don’t support this transfer feature. You can only send fake alert to them, they get their balance credited and updated but can’t send out or withdraw them. Am sure this is clearly explained.

How Long can one use this App?

Flash Funds got just one time Activation. As soon as your activation is completed, you can continue using the app as long as it remains on your Device.

Download Flash Funds App

If You are an android user, you can Easily Download The App Below. But for PC and iphones users, kindly contact us privately.

The software you are requesting is an illegal software thus, you can’t find the app anywhere on the Google Play Store, App Store or any Online App Store. Therefore, to purchase the software/app talked about above you’ll need to contact us on WhatsApp.

The complete package will be sent to you along with instructions on how to install it on your Android, iOS, Laptop or Desktop.

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