In this Celebrity format for Yahoo, Using celebrities such as top musicians, footballers, etc isn’t advisable, so the best option would be to go for popular entrepreneurs, pastors, and politicians. These are the profiles that you can use and make it successful. But remember, it depends on your end game. How do you want to cash out?

I will show you some billing formats accompanying the celebrity format to know which you want to use. Also, know that you can also make up your billing formats.

Celebrity format for Yahoo

So these are the different ways you can bill your clients if you want to use the celebrity billing format. Just make sure you know how to set up a Fake Facebook account without getting blocked. Because most of the clients you would bill will be on Facebook and IG, your Facebook and Instagram profile should be set up properly, just like the celebrity you are impersonating.

So these are some of the billing formats you can use when using the Celebrity Billing format.

Pastoral Curse Billing Format

There’s no magic to this; most clients you’d meet are religious and fearful, especially female clients. So if you are using a Pastor as your celebrity profile, this is the best format for you.

This isn’t advisable if you are a religious person due to spiritual consequences but go ahead at your own risk if you aren’t spiritual.

Create your Pastor Profile to look Legit
Your profile needs to look like that of a pastor; fill it up with inspirational posts, bible verses, prayers, etc., anything that would make your profile looks very genuine.

Find a client

You need to start bombing clients’ DMs with the format I will be dropping for you here. You should do it strategically to avoid being blocked by people that will report your account. This is a long-term format, so you should take time grooming your account to make it look legit.

Bomb the Client with Format

Now, this is the main celebrity billing format if you are using a pastor’s work. Just start with the following;

Greeting my brother/sister in the lord, the lord has directed me to you, especially as I am quite active on this platform and routinely pray for followers and people I come across on this platform. You’ve been going through some rough patches recently, and I am sent to tell you that the end is nigh.

In terms of finances, things haven’t been really going quite well for you, but today I am here to tell you that miraculous things have been destined to happen. It is planned and arranged by the most high, so be expectant of your blessings. I am just a messenger, and I have delivered the message.
I am a full-time minister, and I live by donations of people. So if you are touched and would love to donate to my ministry, I would greatly appreciate it. God bless you. Here is my PayPal address (account details)

Like the pastoral format, you are an entrepreneur looking to help people achieve what they want this time around. There are so many billing formats you can use when posing as an entrepreneur. Some of my favorite ones are the;

Grants format

Your clients will apply to get a grant from you, then use their details as a confirmation form to make sure that they are eligible. I also recommend they pay a certain application fee for their applications to be considered in many situations.

Apparently, you know that you should have a website that clearly shows that you are legit. You can collect their application fee in whatever format {Cash or Cryptocurrency}.


Let’s say you impersonate a person like Elon Musk and open a message that says, “Tesla is giving away 3 brand new Tesla Electric cars. Stand a chance to win by submitting your details here”.

Then you end up requesting their personal information as a way to collect their winnings. That way, you can do with their information whatever you wish.

If you end up receiving their SSN, you can see what to do with a client’s SSN.

If you request their driving license, there are many illegal things you can do with a client’s driving license.

Crypto Hack

This is quite complex if you aren’t technical, but you can pose like someone who wants to give away crypto coins to your followers. But to be able to claim their coin, they have to pay a certain amount of small money to qualify.

In some cases, if they drop their wallet address, you can even hack them.

Musician Celebrity Billing Format

If you want to use a celebrity billing format for yahoo, you can try the musician format. It happens that you can sell fake tickets to a show. You should be targeting foreign clients.

“Hello, my name is Emmanuel John, Jay Z’s manager. My artiste will be coming to your city to host my show, and currently selling tickets for a cut down price of $90 instead of $300. If interested, please respond to this message and I will show you the steps to proceed with the purchase.”

You can use the confirmed show information that the real Jay Z will have to push the show to make it more legit. That is, if Jay Z is having a show in Atlanta next week, then you can also claim to be having a show in Atalanta. So that when your clients google the information, they will see that it is correct and legit.

Tools Required for the Celebrity Billing Format for Clients

You will need just a couple of things, but these are the most important;

Active Social Media Account

Without a legit social media account, no one would believe you properly that you are the real behind the account. You should make the social media account look realistic as possible. The name you use should closely resemble that of the real celebrity, and it should take only an eagle eye to discover that yours is a clone.

That way, people who aren’t observant would fall victim to your tricks, while you cash out.


To build followers, you can start by posting anything that a real celebrity posts. Acquire followers before you start billing. In tough cases, you can also buy Bot followers and just let it look as if you have a huge following.

Quality Format

I have written quite a bit for you up there, so you can also manufacture the rest yourself or come up with something. Think outside of the box, this is easy and not difficult.

Conclusion-Celebrity format for Yahoo

These are your options when looking to use the celebrity billing format. It is not difficult, but I believe this format is outdated. I have seen people use it all the time and Twitter, and it works for them – so I believe it can also work for you too if you do it right.

If you have questions, you can always ask and I will respond accordingly.

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