Today’s post is for those of you who use the internet via wifi. According to the title of the post if you arrange WiFi to use internet in your home or shop or anywhere else. Now anyone who comes to your home in a hurry and after searching for WiFi finds out that you have WiFi in your home. And then he wants to know the password of WiFi from you. And that’s what makes you upset. You also want to avoid sharing your WiFi internet with anyone. But because of the search, you can’t or won’t ban him. So this post of mine will be very useful.

Because today I will show you how to hide the name of your WiFi. So that if someone searches, you will not find the name of WiFi. You can no longer tell if you have WiFi.

So if you want to hide your WiFi network on router, open any browser of your mobile or computer, enter this link and login with user ID and password.

After logging in, it will look like the screenshot above. Here you have to click on the Wireless text.

After clicking, it looks like the screenshot above. Here is the text Enable SSID Broadcast. It has a tick mark. Your job is to uncheck it. Remove the tickmark and click the Save button. Diameter is the end of your work.

Forget the WiFi line of your mobile this time or search from any other mobile and you will not find your WiFi. This way you can hide your WiFi from others. But there is no reason to worry. Because once connected to your mobile, it will automatically turn on when you turn on auto wifi in your mobile. Just searching on a new mobile will not come. And if you have to connect to a new mobile, you have to do it manually.


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